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we company cooperated with Samsung Electronics of South Korean, as a second tier suppliers, we provide balance block, aluminum die casting, tripod shaft and other products  for Samsung Electronics matching.
We have been providing oil pipeline fittings, which mainly are the pipe insulation support for China Petroleum since 2003.

n 2008, we have became the first supplier of Samsung Electronics officially, and the proportion of the supply of Samsung has increased from 40% to 20%.

In 2009, we started planning to enter LG in Nanjing City. With the increase in the amount of material, we have improved relevant equipment, and purchased manual plastic extruder meanwhile, thus developing our own plastic shell.

In 2010, we entered LG in Nanjing City officially and supplied as a first-grade supplier. Our balanced blocks supply ratio accounted for 70% of the total LG ratio and the products were exported to Thailand, Brazil and other countries.

In 2013, we improved the original backward ingredients system to semi-automatic feeding system, and the die casting equipment was also replaced by semi-automation. Meanwhile, we have reached a partnership with Ningbo Jide electrical appliances and begun to supply them with our balanced block.LG ratio and the products were exported to Thailand, Brazil and other countries.

IIn 2015, we have purchased an automatic plastic machine, all the devices have been achieved semi-automation and even full automation so far.

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